Computter stuf

Amiga stuff

RAM to 68000 socket of Amiga
IDE interface(s) for Amiga (A500ide, CFIDE68K, ABIDE)
Amiga parallel port protection circuit
Internal CompactFlash-card to Amiga 600/1200 IDE-connector adapter.
Photo: Prototype V1.2 of Amiga Parallel port Compact Flash reader card Top Bottom
PCB for ps2m mouse adapter

Commodore (8-bit) related

Modifications to speed up the 1541 disk drive
Atmel 29c256 programmer for C64 (buggy)
DCN-2692 & other floppy controller boards
CBM serial bus adapters


Adapter: CompactFlash-card -> IDE-bus.

Self written programming software for AT 89C2051 programmer that was in english Elektor Electronics Oktober 1996.
; delay loop counter should be adjusted for the speed of the PC. I used TASM and TLINK from Borland.

Picture of a "terminal" controller

PCB design: 65C02 Board with 32KB SRAM, 32KB FLASH EEPROM, 65C22 and 4 x 29C040A FLASH. The board has been built and it works.

PCB design: 8051 microcontroller + Atmel Serial Data Flash. This board has not been built.

Photo: Commoroju-8. MOS6510, MOS6526, 8KB SRAM, 8KB EPROM, 5 digit miniature LED-display.

Photo: Commoroju-1 TopBottom